Friday, January 7, 2011

RATE IT! Happy Blizzard New Year

Okay, I'm a week or so late with the New Year Blizzard... I must admit that the January Blizz of the Month isn't quite my cup of tea -- yes, there are NUTS involved in this Nutty Banana treat... and well, FRUIT. This Blizzard is actually bordering on healthy so I will give it a pass and wait for February's beauty. Hopefully the Valentine month will bring a crush-worthy delicacy featuring chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate! 

I won't diss the January fruity concoction because a) it's so unique and different from all the Blizzards from the past year, and b) it's mid-Winter and we all need a little something special to pep us up -- and no doubt, this Nutty Banana Blizzard is someone's much needed guilty pleasure and how can I argue with that?


Connie said...

I like bananas, but I don't think I want them in my blizzards. Put some chocolate in there instead of bananas to go with the nuts and then I'll be on board. :-)

Have a nice weekend, Jackie.

Jackie said...

You too, Daisy! :)

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