Sunday, February 1, 2009

HATE IT! Super Bore

It's Super Bowl weekend in the States.

Meh! Like I care! 

Like my mother says, "Why do they call it football when they don't touch it with their feet?"

Yes, Mum....why? Give me proper football -- SOCCER -- as it's called *only* in North America. 

NFL -- overpaid, overfed, overly boring. *yawn*


ApocalypsE said...

LOL... But don't they kick the ball to get the field gold... :-) that is if you consider that egg-like thing a ball:-)

Jackie said...

So true, ApocalypsE! The only time they use their feet to interact with the ball - field goals.

Actually, to be fair, I don't really hate American Football - it's okay. My real distain is for baseball - now, that's truly snore-worthy!

I will be skipping the Super Bowl - but waiting for the super-sized ep of 'The Office' after.

Thanks for stopping in and leaving your comment. Much appreciated!


I'm just watching for the commercials.

JB said...

As a fan of all varieties of football, I find the Super Bowl quite anti-climatic generally speaking, although this year was actually a very good game (at the end anyways).

I must say that I have never understood the rest why Americans (including myself) call it soccer when everyone else (except Aussies) call it football. I think a new name needs to be thought up for the American version.

Fun blog! =)

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