Friday, February 27, 2009

RATE IT! Celebrity Apprentice Take 2

He's back! Yep, the Donald is back with his brood for another round of 'Celebrity Apprentice' this coming Sunday night at 9pm ET on NBC. It's one thing watching over-achieving nobodies compete on this franchise but quite another beast altogether when it's the rich, famous & untalented clawing each other's nipped & tucked eyes out. 

This new season pits Joan Rivers and her equally annoying daughter, Melissa up against vulgar "comedian" (does anyone find him the least bit funny?) Andrew Dice Clay, crooner Brian McKnight, Sandra Bullock's hubby & Monster Garage dude, Jesse James, country star Clint Black, plus figure skating champ, Scott Hamilton, a Playboy Bunny, a poker expert, and other non-entities that I've either never heard of, or would rather ignore (stand up, Tom Green and Dennis Rodman).

I love 'The Apprentice' for all its boardroom slag-fests and silly challenges. It's great fun to sit back at home and tear apart the teams' strategies & project management. No doubt, we at home could all do a better job, right? Right! Bring it! And let's hope that Trump spawn, Ivanka gets a flattering wardrobe this season. Pretty girl but her dress sense is terrible!

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

I love Joan Rivers, she's hilarious!!!

We've got good people on our version this year for Comic Relief. Hope I get to watch it.

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