Friday, February 20, 2009

RATE IT! Saint Etienne & the Olympics?

Quintessential London pop geniuses (okay, full disclosure -- I am TOTALLY biased, I love them so!), Saint Etienne are pondering the recording of a London-centric song for the 2012 Olympics.

This admission makes complete sense! The band embraces London like no other, with the most beautifully crafted songs about the capital, and their short films such as 'Finisterre' and 'What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day'.

Speaking to the BBC, the band mentioned that former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone had agreed to an open-air showing of the group's 'Mervyn Day' in Trafalgar Square in the run up to the Olympics. Since Livingstone's exit and the arrival of Boris Johnson. those plans have been shelved. Boris needs to get with the program. Someone -- stat! -- send him over St. Et's latest release, the glorious career compilation, 'London Conversations' (more on it later!).

If the city wants to have a truly thought-provoking soundtrack & official song for the 2012 London games, they should give Sarah, Pete and Bob a call. A musical love affair with London -- it's what Saint Etienne do best!

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