Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RATE IT! Red Devil's Kitchen

You can keep your Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson! Heck, take back 'Hell's Kitchen' and Gordon Ramsey! The only cooking program I want to set eyes on is 'Red Devil's Kitchen'!

It's almost too hilarious to ponder! Manchester United have launched their own cooking show on their TV station, MUTV. 'Red Devil's Kitchen' features United's left-back, the very talented & charming Patrice Evra, along with the team's resident head chef, Romain Camos, roasting, baking, creating all sorts of edible delights!

Cannot wait! The clip on the website is cracking me up & leaving me hungry for more. 

*yes, I couldn't help myself and had to post a photo of Patrice with Owen Hargreaves*

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

That's so cool and random.

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