Friday, February 20, 2009

RATE IT! Diamond Dave

My iPod as of late seems happiest bouncing between 'Tonight' by Franz Ferdinand and The Bird and the Bee's 'Rayguns Are Not Just the Future'. They compliment each other quite well, actually - always a good thing keeping an agreeable soundtrack in your daily life!

One aural fixation of mine is the divine 'Diamond Dave', the third track on "Rayguns". Oh, how I love thee! First things first - how often do you get a musical ode to Van Halen's enigmatic David Lee Roth? That's right - never! The Bird and the Bee have delivered a twinkly, nostalgic gem of a tune here, one that will have you swooning even if you find Mr. Roth scanky and questionable of talent. I must admit that I've never been a fan of DLR. In fact, I was dragged along to a Van Halen concert once and it scarred me. It was the most vile couple of hours I've ever spent at a show. Truly nasty, noisy, smokey hell hole. Hey, I was a Durannie - what do you expect? 

But this song....THIS SONG! Its chorus, so wistfully awesome in its yearning for a childhood pop hero. "I'll always love you. Diamond one can hold a candle. Nothing else is quite the same. Pretty Dave, I'll always remember. I still carry such a flame."

Aw, all innocence and puppy love lost. When he bolted from the band, he left singer Inara broken hearted and sobbing into her '1984' gate-fold album sleeve. Then, just like all good popsters, he came back (I relate! See also, John Taylor with Duran Duran) & his recommitment rekindled her gooey, love struck musings. Ah, my popchick heart just adores this tune. Remove DLR and insert your personal pop idol of choice and it speaks to all of us! Simon Le Bon -- no, wait. He never did leave Duran Duran....unlike John Taylor! Anyways, the charm of the premise of this adorable song is unmistakable. Buy it, listen and fall in love all over again with your pop star crush!

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