Monday, February 23, 2009

RATE IT! Dogs in Space DVD Release

2009 is gearing up to be a fantastic year for long-lost DVD releases! First, official word that Brit favourite, 'Enchanted April' is slated for a May release and now EVEN BIGGER news - to me, at least - that 'Dogs in Space' is finally making the trek from VHS to an official DVD release!

Apparently, the Aussie cult classic is due for a September debut. Commentaries have been recorded over the last few days and Director Richard Lowenstein has uncovered two hours of extras: behind-the-scenes clips with Michael Hutchence & the incredible cast. If all goes to plan, the film will also be screened at the Melbourne Film Festival in July. 

Why all the frenzy over a movie you probably have never heard of? To me, 'Dogs in Space' is one of those movies that defined me in so many ways! The soundtrack, one of the best ever produced with many Australian acts that never really made it big (Michael Hutchence and Nick Cave, aside). The film itself, based on a true story, brought together many young Aussie musicians, actors & scenesters taking their first steps in the adult world, living in a house that should have been condemned & creating their own family of friends picked up along the journey. I've always been into music in a major way, and as a teen this movie depicted a lifestyle that seemed ultra cool and somewhat relatable. And yes, at the time I did bleach my blonde hair white to copy the movie's heroine, Anna (portrayed by Saskia Post). Kids, eh?

Until the DVD release is a true reality and I'm clutching it in my hands, I'll make do with the soundtrack and my ratty VHS copies (yep, I have two), and I'll enjoy Michael Hutchence's 'Rooms for the Memory' again & again -- and you can view the video by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I do! 

Thanks to Adam Gheller for the info!


Paul said...

A Screening party is scheduled for next month to promote the DVD release. I am looking forward to seeing it again, I was in it and so were many of my friends. We also were around the actual house that the script was based on and knew many of the real life characters portrayed in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Finally after all these years I can relive my teenage years. I adored Michael and this movie was one of my favourite memories. I lived in a house similar to this in my late teen years so can relate to the characters. It's a movie you either love or hate. Think it's stupid or relate exactly. Great fun!

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