Friday, August 29, 2008

HATE IT! The Television Apocalypse Has Been Scheduled

Yes, you read the headline correctly. TV execs have steeped so low as to regurgitate a premise that has seen its day, and should never have been 'refreshed'. 90210 is back, bitches! Time to duck & cover (and be sure to turn off your television!).

To make matters worse, the media machine is busily grinding and spewing out plenty of *ss-kissing trash such as the new cover of Nylon magazine (as well as US and Entertainment Weekly - for shame!). Isn't this zine supposed to be cool, on the cutting edge? With 90210 on the front? 'fraid not!

You have been warned. The apocalypse is scheduled for 8pm Tuesday. Avert your eyes if at all possible. As for me, I'll be hiding in a window-less room, with plenty of bottled water and a crank radio/flashlight hoping to weather the *hit storm that will follow the broadcast. Aaron Spelling must be turning over in his grave. 

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