Friday, August 15, 2008

RATE IT! Michael Phelps - Diet of Champions!

No matter how diligently I try, it's virtually impossible to avoid the Olympics. The Summer Games just don't float my boat but it takes a heartless soul to ignore the superhuman achievements of American swimmer, Michael Phelps. He's on the mark to scoop 8 Olympic gold medals -- he's already scored 6! This guy is no typical water baby...he's a force unto himself!

What makes a champion? Seems everyone and their brother is attempting to figure this puzzle out. This week a very important piece of the mystery was revealed -- the Michael Phelps breakfast, lunch *and* dinner of champions!

Turns out, the champ noshes on around 12,000 calories *a day*!! Yowza!! An average male of his size would chow down on only one-sixth of that amount! 

Check out breakie in the Phelps household:
-- 3 fried egg sandwiches complete with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions & mayo
-- a 5 egg omlette
-- a bowl of grits (sickly sounding corn mush like porridge - ew!)
-- 3 chocolate pancakes (heck, why stop at three?)
-- 3 pieces of French toast
-- 2 cups of coffee

Not full yet? Time for a Michael Phelps' size lunch of:
-- a pound of pasta smothered in tomato sauce
-- two mega ham sandwiches on white bread layered with cheese & mayo
-- washed down with various energy drinks (wha? No mention of Gator-ade? There's a sponsorship op missed)

Hunger pains? Pull up a chair for dinner:
-- another pound of pasta
-- 6 to 8 slices of pizza 
-- more energy bevies

Wow. Simply awe-inspiring!! It's not surprising that he fuels himself with so many carbs when he's practicing in the pool 5 hours per day practically every day of the week (apparently, he takes one day off, the slacker!). And with that Olympic sized appetite, Michael is worthy of our adoration! (photo: Reuters)


Misty Stiletto said...

You've missed an opportunity to post half naked pictures here, LTG. The man has a smokin' body as I found out last night!!

12,000 calories? Hm, sounds like my diet...

JTS said...

wow I feel a little sick just reading about that much food.


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