Thursday, August 21, 2008

RATE IT! Up For Renewal

Magazines are my downfall. I *love* them...NO, I mean, I am infatuated by them. Seriously, my coffee table is barely visible. Others may count alcohol or Jimmy Choos as their vice, but mine is completely fat-free and oh, so glossy and frivolous! So when I stumbled across this true-to-life account of author Cathy Alter's year of living dangerously via lessons found in women's magazines, I didn't have to think twice about diving in. 

Cathy wasn't just looking for a stylish up-do for next weekend's party -- by heck, she was looking for a complete life overhaul: love, work, exercise, cooking...all aspects of her very being were taking on the gospel according to Cosmo, Marie Claire, Elle, Self, Allure, Glamour and Real Simple. 

Now, even with my addiction to such publications (and many others that Cathy doesn't even touch upon), there are always plenty of articles that I skip over and feel are just too silly to even skim. But Cathy finds the guts to dig right in and find worthiness in even the most gag-inducing Cosmo piece. You've got to hand it to her...she stuck by her brief for an entire year and lives to tell the tale! 

The premise of her book is very unique, and it's a guilty pleasure to bear witness to someone attempting to take these writings to heart. I won't spoil the journey -- check out 'Up For Renewal' yourself...chances are, you'll see your favourite publications in a whole new light!

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Misty Stiletto said...

This book sounds really great, I'm gonna have to look out for it.

I'm always reading articles on 'how to win any argument', 'how to avoid a hangover', 'how to make cocktails using the contents of your fridge' etc... Sadly they never work, but it's fun to pretend you might use the new tips.

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