Sunday, August 24, 2008

RATE IT! Canada's Adam Van Koeverden Pt. 2

Beijing's Summer Olympics wrapped up today and {ahem!} yes, I was very vocal about my hate of the games going to China, and not wanting to tune in. Turns out, I watched a bit too much and I'm already experiencing withdrawal. 

On the closing day, I'd like to celebrate a Canadian class act *again*...a great athlete, a champion of a person and let's face it, a bit of a looker...our flag bearer from the opening ceremonies, Oakville, Ontario's Adam Van Koeverden. The Olympics were created for athletes like Adam who personify all the good that comes from the Olympic movement: sportsmanship, the quest to do one's best and love of one's country. And it certainly didn't hurt that he's also *incredibly* fit! Everyone speaks of the swimmers' physiques...I say, check out those kayakers!

Congrats again, Adam! Silver never looked so good! Who knew kayaking could be so hot.

O Canada, indeed!!

(photos 1 & 2: Reuters; photo 3: AP)

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Jackie said...

It's great to see that Adam is so popular! The number of hits the AVK postings have received...I'm surprised and really, really pleased! We should be proud of our own.

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