Monday, August 11, 2008

RATE IT! Inspiration for My Namesake

Time to 'fess up. People keep asking, where did my monicker 'lose that girl' come from. Is it from the jangly Beatles tune? An old plea to a one-time boyfriend? Nope! Actually, the name is a little gem of inspiration from one of my all-time favourite groups, Saint Etienne

Pop music at its best lovingly created by this stylish British threesome, 'Lose that Girl' is an addictive track from their fourth album, 'Good Humor' (released in 1998). 

Pete, Sarah and Bob have been a staple of my musical diet since 1991. To put it simply, I LOVE THEM!!! Their influence for me has been paramount. If I could ever be a popstar, I'd be singer, Sarah Cracknell -- yes, my love for Saint Etienne is *that* deep! 

The band are poised to release another best-of compilation soon-ish and should be purchased by everyone! Although Saint Et aren't as prolific or active on the concert circuit as the once were, they're still about doing the odd show here & there. For a treat, here's a little Saint Etienne vid for your viewing pleasure ('You're in a Bad Way' from their album, 'So Tough'):

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Ahh, I have always wondered about your name, but I never knew there was an actual reason behind it, I thought it was just random.

Sorry, but I've not heard of the band either.

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