Friday, August 8, 2008

RATE IT! OMG -- Racy Gossip Girl Ads

Sex sells. It's a no brainer so why people are the least bit surprised that the CW has set forth to launch season two of 'Gossip Girl' with a collection of racy ads is beyond me. 

The show features a cast of hotties - it would be a crime not to display their beauty in a cornucopia of compromising positions!

Love how they've hidden Serena's partner under her hair. Is it Dan? A new conquest? Only her hair stylist knows for sure. 

And WTF -- that tongue in the Chuck poster. The ad caption almost gets it right ~ "Very Bad"...for an ad. Just not sexy - sorry!


Misty Stiletto said...


You have to stop getting me so excited, I don't think the new series is out till next year here!!!

I am just beyond excited though and these ads just make the wait even worse!!!

Love the sexed-up-ness!!!

Rusty said...

I watched 10 minutes of the show tonight, and I can't get into it. I've probably posted this before, but I think it's because I've read all the books and Jenny's looking nothing like her book character's description is just the tip of the iceberg.

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