Thursday, August 28, 2008

RATE IT! Meg Ryan's Face

Just in time for her return to the big screen, ladies and gentlemen, let me re-introduce you to ...Meg Ryan's face!

Meg used to be America's celluloid sweetheart. Oh, so bubbly and adorable! Every female wanted Meg as their best gal pal, and every guy thought she was 'the one.' But at some point like many a Hollywood starlet, Ms. Ryan began to fret about aging. Off she tripped down the dark road of plastic surgery hell. Instead of "darling", she was called trout lips and at one stage, had the most eerie frozen visage...all plastic cheeks and odd puffiness. 

A few years later with no box office hits, Meg has returned looking...almost normal. This photo of Meg was taken in June of this year at an industry function in Beverly Hills. No more scary surgery face! Hello, gorgeous 47 year old hottie! Meg's latest effort, 'The Women', opens in theatres on September 12. One can't help but think the buzz won't be focused on the stellar all-female cast but Meg's new (and seemingly back to normal) face. 

Welcome back, Meg! We almost didn't recognize you!

(photo: Matt Sayles/AP Photo)

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

This film looks great and she is looking ah-mazing.

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