Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HATE IT! Four Week Gossip Girl Freeze Out

Gossip Girl served up a stomper of an episode last night. Yes, the death we all expected was confirmed. Yes, the secret from Lily's past -- which many a fan guessed -- was also proven. Despite the fact that we figured out all the huge reveals, our super sleuthing didn't take away from the realization that this episode ROCKED! Best episode so far! Reasons...you want reasons?

Chuck -- CHUCK!! Drunk, stumbling, disheveled baby Bass billionaire, *now* the richest kid in Manhattan. His slouchy, growling delivery, with accusatory daggers shot from his squinty gaze at Lily. The motherchucker showed how evil and threatening he can be; I would've put money on him slugging Dan. Staggering between indifference and overwrought redemption, Chuck again proves that he is the true star - like we needed a reminder. We've known all along. We couldn't keep our riveted eyes off him. Totally mesmerizing, totally hot in a messed up way too!

Blair -- The Queen B may be wound up tight, all prim & proper, but boy does the girl show her sensitivity when her heart is crushed. Blair showed us more vulnerability than we've seen probably in the series so far. With her future step-father (her sniffling utterance of "not enough")...easily won over the staunchest of Blair-aphobes.

The other characters? Truthfully, they don't even enter the equation. Sure, the Lily-Rufus arc is reserrected & evolving but it's completely secondary to Chuck & Blair. Aaron & Serena? Pu-lease! Let's *not* go there! He needs a shave, a hair cut & a slap to remove that smug grin. Nate, Dan, little J -- all just by-standers this week but I do give props to Blair's Mum and her little troll (but sweet) fiance. Actually, they had some lovely scenes together.

Chuck & Blair *should* be together. They balance each other completely. Will they be? Don't bet on it anytime soon. And thus, we wait. And wait. And wait. Gossip Girl is gone, baby, gone until January 5, for new eps at least. So we're left desperately wanting, just like Blair herself to see what will come of Chuck. The agony! The separation anxiety! My stomach is doing somersaults. January 5 is so very far away, and to be frozen out from our fave clique in this manner is cruel. 

(photo: gossipgirlinsider)

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LTG, I don't know if I've ever told you this before but I think your blog is fabulous! When I do have the time to read it, I always end up smiling and laughing. You have a beautiful talent and you write with such bursting enthusiasm. Just wanted to let you know that...

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