Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek - Episode 14

Now that we're at the beginning of the four -- week -- wait for a new episode of 'Gossip Girl', I know I'll be viewing this promo for the January 5 ep repeatedly, over & over again. 

Hello, serious withdrawal happening here. Chuck stormed my dreams last night, no doubt due to my insatiable craving for some resolution in the affairs of everything bad ass Bass. Hungover after last night's intoxicating fireworks too? View this clip & yearn for January 5.



Dear GOD, how will we survive?!?! I'm going into the dark place with Chuck. And speaking of Chuck, that was some AMAZING Bass last night! TOO GOOD!

Jackie said...

I think that I will have to revisit that ep every week until we get new eps. It's *that* serious!

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