Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RATE IT! Muppet What-Not ~ An Experience!

Back in October, I was thrilled to learn that NYC's venerable toy store, FAO Schwarz was unveiling the first *ever* public Muppet What-not Workshop. Similar to Build-a-Bear but BETTER, shoppers can create a Muppet to their own personal taste. Sound a bit too good to be true? 

Actually, it's not! One of the main objectives of my recent Manhattan Thanksgiving pilgrimage was to check out this Muppet Factory. The results speak for themselves -- we're now the proud owners of a unique What-not! 

Tucked in the back left nook of the main floor of FAO, the Muppet What-not Workshop is a little corner of happiness. Staffers provide Muppet parents-to-be with these cool kits chock full of Muppet possibilities. First you select the body (orange, blue or green), by picking out a card with your body of choice...next, take a gander at the selection of eyes, noses, hair, and clothes -- all removable from the selection cards housed in the kit. You can peel off different eyes, put them on the body card, and remove them if you wish to switch up the end result. Want a Statue of Liberty bedecked What-not? Why not! A snazzy smoking jacket for your Muppet? Easy peasy! Once you've settled on a desired image, the Muppet makers take over -- using your colourful blueprint to bring your What-not to life. 

In about thirty minutes, your Muppet What-not becomes real. The terrific Muppet makers are absolutely wonderful -- if you're not in a rush, hang out and watch them build the toys. It's incredible to see the process right before your eyes. Each completed What-not comes in its own clear plastic carrying bag. So what does all this Muppet madness cost? Approximately $130. That's it. Yes, it's more than Build-a-Bear but it's a Muppet personally created by YOU. Well worth it! I would very highly recommend!

(photos: by me!)


Anonymous said...

This muppet's name is Horace S. Bergdorf. He looks very dapper, and is now residing in my office (serving as Head of Business Development!)

Unknown said...

I always wanted to go to Build A Bear but your right this muppet thing looks SO much cooler

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