Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RATE IT! Duran Duran Toronto Success

I've counted the ticket stubs -- I think my math is bang on -- for the 15th time, Duran Duran triumphed in Toronto last night. Wahey!

Ah, once a Duranie, always a Duranie. Just older, somewhat wiser (I refrained from purchasing their blurry, but apparently arty tour program; bet Nick's to blame) but still well-versed on Simon's often obtuse lyrics. I remember going to gigs in the city and having the T.O. crowd acting absolutely bonkers ~ dancing, jumping, singing along. In recent years, Toronto "fans" regardless of the show seem to prefer to sit on their hands and look bored. Well, we did see two female fans beside us in that poe-faced glaze (wha? think you're at a Leafs game?), but generally the audience at the Air Canada Centre was up on their feet, doing a boogie and singing - loudly.

The band are touring last year's release, 'Red Carpet Massacre' -- an album we first met last November during Duran's 10 day Broadway stint in NYC (one of the best concerts I've *ever* witnessed) -- but surprisingly, the boys only performed four tunes from that album, preferring to deliver a hit by hit showcase of their famously catchy library. The fans ate it up, and could have devoured more had the band not pulled the plug after 2 hours of awesomeness. Oh, how 80's I sound!

The show was fantastic - vintage Duran. Simon sounded on note, John, Nick & Roger -- note perfect. They looked great! Once a Duranie, always a Duranie. Yes, Duranies and their beloved band do get older, but we never lose it (ah, a Wild Boys reference - can't help myself).

Here's the playlist: The Valley (*fave* tune from RCM - ideal show opener), Planet Earth, Hungry Like the Wolf, Nite-Runner, Notorious, I Don't Want Your Love, Save a Prayer, Red Carpet Massacre, A View to a Kill, Serious -- which morphed into the giddy Nice, Falling Down, Come Undone, Ordinary World, Is There Something I Should Know, Reflex (Toronto Duranies' fave. Yep, the video was shot here in '84), White Lines (stonkin' funky cover, brill as always), Sunrise, Wild Boys - plus encore of, Girls on Film, and Rio. I missed the usual inclusion of Careless Memories, but honestly, I cannot complain!

(photo: Jam Showbiz)


Anonymous said...

It *was* awesome!!!! Fabulous set.....musically and design-wise (thanks Nick ;-)
I was on my feet the entire show.....
They were every bit as good as original '80's shows & that's saying something in this day and age of 'reunion' concerts where bands plod around on the stage trying to channel their younger more flexible selves (can anyone say New Kids?!).....Duran ARE every bit as wonderful as 'back in the day'.

Jackie said...

*snicker* I can attest to the New Kids comment. Yeah, that show was dire!

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