Thursday, December 18, 2008

HATE IT! Want Some Steak with That Whine?

January's GQ magazine *cough* reveals that Penn Badgley - aka, Dan Humphrey of our beloved 'Gossip Girl', finds the role unchallenging. "I can do this role with my eyes closed..." he ungratefully whined to the scribes.

We're not surprised. Dan's a bore. He's vanilla next to Chuck's death by chocolate. Bland Dan. It can't be fun to play such a blah character BUT - this gig brought him fame, probably fortune, his girlfriend (co-star Blake Lively) and the opp to be a poser in GQ. At least he has a job which is much more than many other people have right now. 

And at least he's not portraying the most vile character on GG, Aaron Rose. According to the Los Angeles Times, the December 8 episode where the slimy 'artist' whisks Serena off to South America for Christmas will be the last time we set eyes on the guy. Ah, thanks Santa for the early Chrimbo pressie!

(photo: the CW)

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