Thursday, December 11, 2008

HATE IT! Gossip Girl *Real* Spin-off News

Much like a VH1 special, word comes that the 'Gossip Girl' spin-off will focus on 90's one-hit wonder, Rufus Humphrey and his Upper East Side groupie girlfriend, Lily.

Looks like we will see what brought Dan's Dad & Serena's Mum together in their youth. Not to fear, the actors from GG proper will NOT be leaving the show. Casting will cull two younger actors to portray Rufus & Lily. Not sure how this will work with new actors to tell the tale. The characters of Rufus & Lily aren't *that* old, so to bring in youngsters to play them 20 years earlier...well, hope the casting dept is really on the money with finding doppelgangers. 

(photo: gossipgirlinsider)

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