Friday, December 12, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Spin-off Dead - For Now

Just when we were getting our hair bands all twisted in a knot, word comes from E! On-line that rumours of a Rufus-Lily spin-off prequel to 'Gossip Girl' is not to be. 

THANK GOODNESS for small miracles! Whew! Apparently, the idea for some pre-kiddies Rufus and Lily storytelling isn't completely false - the notion was to create possible webisodes for the doomed lovebirds, but Star magazine took that wisp of an idea and ran it through the rumour mill blowing it up into its own series. It is not according to the big wigs at Warner Bros. & the CW. And for that, we say drinks are on us at the Palace Hotel.

(photo: the CW)



Thanks heavens for small miracles! I love GG, but it's too soon for a spin-off. In time perhaps.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind mini webisodes. Actually, I think I would like that. But a series, no way. I hate prequels.

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