Thursday, January 22, 2009

HATE IT! Tacky Obama Souvenirs

Barack Obama finally made it to the White House. His journey & eventual arrival is historic and awe-inspiring. One would believe that the integrity of the new leader would be echoed in the souvenirs that were spawned out of the occasion's overwhelming excitement. Every Presidential inauguration brings with it the requisite coin sets, buttons,t-shirts and commemorative plates amidst the paraphernalia. Some classy, some downright ugly and some....totally absurd and lacking in taste!

Take these Barack Obama flip flops. Yep, they're real...for sale in Denver, Colorado of all places. A bit mistimed, don't you think? Sure, the new President is clearly represented several times over but the *idea* of sandal-esque footwear in January -- in chilly Denver is a bit ridiculous. Not to mention the plethora of Obamas over-populating these flip obnoxiously weird and not Presidental *at all*! It kinda takes the idea of walking in Barack's footsteps a bit too far! Tacky!

Thanks to Darren for the inspiration!

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