Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RATE IT! Game Tasters Scattergories

I've lost many a Christmas holiday afternoon playing Scattergories, losing all track of time & having a laugh with this brain busting game. Now such time wasting can occur on your next airplane journey with this new mini Scattergories play set. 

Ever get plane brain? That fuzzy, dumbed down feeling after several numb hours on a jet? No more! Now with Game Tasters Scattergories, you can keep your mind sharp on those agonizing long journeys. The fast-thinking game comes complete with mini pencils, category cards, timer (and not the buzzer version found in the big box version -- so you won't annoy the people seated around you), alphabet dice, and paper. All housed in a compact tub that's easy to pack. 


Myrna Hynes said...

I LOVE's my fav!! Unfortunately I can never find anyone who wants to play anything but Monopoly (I so do not like Monopoly!)

Jackie said...

Myrna, I hear you on the Monopoly front! Every Christmas, we have to fight it out on the games front -- usually more of us want Scattergories so Monopoly gets left on the shelf. Feel free to join us next December for games night!

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