Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RATE IT! Chucker Punch!

Viewers got a gold mine of Gossip Girl satisfaction last night! I won't spill the details for those friends who haven't seen the ep yet, but to those who have, I think you know what I mean!

Chuck! A locked door! A damsel in distress, and one mean right hook. We always knew Chuck had it in him. 

And top marks for the pink cashmere pullover & matching socks - shame you only get a glimpse at the full affect in this screen grab. Believe me, it was fab!

Bless the Baby Bass! Bless the new alliance!

(photo: Giovanni Rufino for the CW)


Misty Stiletto said...


Finally!! Can't believe I had to wait so long, but it was worth it. Making my sister watch all the first series now so when it's repeated Monday she'll be up to date. And it mean's I get to re watch them all!!! Like Chuck and Nate taking the bus in the first ep, as if they'd ever get the bus.

Jackie said...

Oh man! I can't even recall what happened in the first ep of season 2. You have SO MUCH to look forward to! I'm glad it's back on in your neck of the woods.

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