Thursday, January 22, 2009

RATE IT! Oh Crap! I'm Having a Baby!

Cary from List of the Day featured this book on his most excellent site a few days ago (do yourself a favour and visit LOTD - one of the most fun web destinations, let me tell you!)... and I couldn't help myself.

Welcome to: 'Oh Crap! I'm Having a Baby!'

IT'S HILARIOUS! Well, the photos shown here sure are rib-ticklers. I haven't seen the rest of this publication but if it's anything like the previews on display, it definitely blows the lid off the idyllic world of procreating. Me, I'll get a dog instead, thanks!

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Ha, my best buddy is preggers, maybe I'll get it for her :o)

I don't need pictures to put me off babies. They do not go with my outfit.

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