Monday, January 26, 2009

RATE IT/HATE IT! Gossip Girl Break

We're knee-high in the snowy winter doldrums and what does the CW do? Schedule a 'Gossip Girl' repeat for tonight. The free falling temperatures and on-going snow-a-rama mean that we demand not only comfort food to satiate us in our cozy abodes but good, trashy television. It helps make our hermit-like existence acceptable. 

If it's any consolation, there are plenty of juicy 'Gossip Girl' spoilers circling over head! I won't dare repeat them here in case our friends from the UK are about (season two just began across the pond), so if you want to be all-knowing, click here. There's a smorgasboard of delights waiting for our consumption in future episodes. Kinda makes the absence this week a little easier to swallow. 

(photo: the CW)

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Misty Stiletto said...

I spent all weekend watching GG with my sister Terri so she is ready to watch the repeat of season 2's first ep tonight (that sounds confusing...). I'm really excited to watch it again and glad I've had a recap of everything that happened in the first season so I'm all ready for this one :)

And it is taking ALL my will power (and I don't own much) not to click that link. Thanks for not posting it here.

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