Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RATE IT! Street Gang

In the stampede to get all the Christmas shopping done, a new book completely flew under my gift-buying radar. "Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street" by Michael Davis was released in hardback in mid-December. Never mind purchasing it for others...*I* want this book!

As a kid I lived, breathed and watched Sesame Street for hours on end. Today, I'd love to read all about the beginnings when this hallmark of children's programming took its first baby steps. It's getting all sorts of fantastic reviews, and is apparently full of the details that we all want to know. Can't wait...I'm ordering my copy today! In the meantime, if you've read this backstage account, post a comment and let us all know what you think.


Melissa said...

I see you from time to time on I'm Not Obsessed and I think "where do I know those eyes from?"

List of the Day!

I was just amused to see you in both places. So, um, hi!

Jackie said...

Hey Melissa. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around these parts often!

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