Monday, January 19, 2009

RATE IT! Enchanted April

Have you seen the wonderfully touching British film, 'Enchanted April'?

It's not a new release -- it played on theatre screens back in 1992, and earned two Golden Globe Awards as well as several Academy Award nominations. The film boasts an accomplished cast including Miranda Richardson, Joan Plowright (both Golden Globe winners), Alfred Molina, Polly Walker, Josie Lawrence and Jim Broadbent. It's long been one of my favourite films and it appears that I'm not alone! 'Enchanted April' is one of the most requested movies on DVD according to And here's where the problem lies...the movie is not currently available on this format. If you're desperate like me & worn out your VHS copy, you can get your paws on a Swedish DVD -- just overlook the sub-titles and enjoy. There have been numerous rights issues that have kept this gorgeous movie off store shelves but apparently, the veil will soon be lifted!

Word has it that the rights have all been cleared and a DVD release should soon follow. It's a shame that this movie, one that lovingly takes two post-war London women from their dismal, winter environs away to the lush warmth & splendor of Italy on a quest to rediscover themselves & their happiness, is not yet available *now* when we need it the most! In a winter that seems terribly long and frightfully frigid, we could all use a trip to Portofino to boost our spirits even if it's while we're sat on the sofa!

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Anonymous said...

I *adore* that movie.


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