Friday, January 23, 2009

RATE IT! Good Food/Bad Food Bag

No one eats properly *all* the time! I challenge anyone to stand up and honestly proclaim that they never, ever devour so-called bad foods. Besides, life would be so boring if no ice cream or potato chips crossed your lips. 

Here's a bag that celebrates the ying/yang of eating. Sometimes you feel like a salad - sometimes you scarf down hot dogs & chips. Good food, bad food -- it's all necessary for a well-balanced life. When you're feeling a bit naughty, show the world the 'bad food' side of the bag. Cheerful sundaes & fortune cookies will see you merrily on your way. Having a long run of healthy chowing down? Flip the bag around and presto -- carrots, oranges, even a wheepy onion will prove that you've had your 5 servings a day. If only dieting were this easy - and adorable! Check out the close-ups of the foodie prints to fulfill your appetite!

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Every week I start out on the healthy side of the bag and somewhere about Friday alcohol steps in and, well let's just say I'm a little too familiar with the bad food side of the bag this week! Cute idea!

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