Friday, March 11, 2011

HATE IT! Baby Blitz

Does Jennifer Aniston's quest for a baby really cause magazines to fly off the shelves? A month doesn't seem to go by without one of the tabloids screaming 'Jenn's Baby Joy!', or 'Jenn Looks Pregnant.' Why is everyone all in a lather about Ms. Aniston's baby-making prowess, or lack thereof? 

Someone must be buying these issues, or OK, Life & Style and US wouldn't be cranking them out with such regularity.

It's a very personal decision whether to get your sprog-on (or not). Maybe Jenn doesn't want kids? Or perhaps she does but she'd rather get on with it privately without the constant interference of the press. Just seems that some folk cannot rest until Jennifer is on nappy-changing duty tout suite! I'm tired of it so I can only imagine how Jennifer Aniston feels. Sure, getting publicity is always a good thing when you're a slave to the Hollywood press machine but there's are limits, people. Give the girl a break, eh?

Still, I guess it makes a change from the flood of Charlie Sheen tell-alls as of late so perhaps I should just remain grateful for the respite! Shame Jennifer Aniston is the lucky target once again. 

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