Thursday, March 3, 2011

RATE IT! Jennifer Lopez

Okay, I admit it - I was wrong!!

I've never been a fan of Jennifer Lopez.

Her music? Meh.
Her movies? Even more befuddled, "meh."
Her turn on season ten of American Idol? Me likey!

I always thought J. Lo was a little too precious, too preoccupied with her own image... that I couldn't peer past these traits to see what others liked so much about her. Dare I say it... she seemed very self-absorbed, and... not...well...nice? You know, the type of gal who thinks she's so much better than you, and doesn't hesitate to tell you so.

But yes.... as much as it pains me to admit that I've been wrong, that I've misjudged Ms. Lopez.. I'm here -finally - to throw myself down and say it. I WAS WRONG in painting dear Jenn in this unflattering light. On American Idol, she's compassionate, interested in others, and funny. There's no bitchiness, no obnoxious preening to the cameras, just a kind, enthusiastic entertainer who wants others to achieve their dreams. Best of all, she's been there. She's had the knocks against her talent, the rejections and she stuck it out and proved all the naysayers wrong. And she's always immaculate. I'm in awe.

I realize that I don't know the "real" Jennifer Lopez and her TV persona is not the full picture. But from what I've seen on TV these past few weeks on Idol, she's completely opposite to what I thought she'd be. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I know others who have said the same thing, funny enough! Now while I probably still won't buy her records, or line-up for her films, I will say that I am a fan - definitely.

American Idol continues tonight with yet another elimination... can't wait!

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