Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HATE IT! Bullying Dionne Warwick Style

Have you been watching the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice? 

This year's roster of B-list...(okay, I'm being kind!) celebs is chock full of notorious individuals: out-there actor, Gary Busey, Survivor winner/tax dodger, Richard Hatch, and pushy TV host, Star Jones. Donald Trump definitely has his hands full, and when you round out the cast with Real Housewife, NeNe Leakes, singers Meatloaf, John Rich, Mark McGrath, Latoya Jackson and Dionne Warwick, model Niki Taylor, and baseball superstar, Jose Canseco, you know that there are fireworks on the horizon. 

It's always interesting to see famous folk outside of their element. We all have ideas of what these people would be like. Take my recent flip flop on Jennifer Lopez. I pegged her all wrong it seems. After watching 'American Idol', I have a totally new image of her. I like her! Now I'm having deja vu because I really had no clue that famed chanteuse Dionne Warwick was so..... nasty!

Dionne's known for many lovely tunes ... all sweet, and airy.. some you could say are inspirational (the super saccharine That's What Friends Are For, for starters). I thought she'd be somewhat quiet, and reflective. Thoughtful and kind. Respectful and worldly. But she's not! 

Just watch the second episode to see how off-the-charts mean this 70+ year old is! She helped send actress Lisa Rinna packing after numerous in-your-face blow ups. She was rude and insensitive to actress Marlee Matlin. Wouldn't even give Marlee the courtesy of speaking directly to her face. Instead, she spoke across the table to Marlee's sign language interpreter. Nice. Especially when Marlee was sat directly *beside* Dionne. For a music legend to behave in this manner, it's truly shocking. The lady has no class! Again, this past weekend, it seemed like ol' sweet Dionne was just looking to pick a fight... this time with Niki Taylor. 

Are her PR people pleased with this display of outrageous behaviour? Do they feel it will sell more CDs, or downloads? Frankly, I've been so gobsmacked by how she acts, I wouldn't care if I ever heard another Dionne Warwick song in my lifetime. 

I'll be rooting for Marlee, or John Rich.. or even NeNe... anyone but Dionne! Sure, the Apprentice editors probably have a lot to answer for when it comes to how these celebs are portrayed BUT they have to have the material in order to do so in the first place! They didn't create this monster... Dionne's handiwork is all he own. 

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