Monday, March 7, 2011

RATE IT! Royal Wedding Kiddie Style

It was inevitable! Now your kids can get in on the royal wedding souvenir action.

Adam Hargreaves, son of Roger Hargreaves who created the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series of children's books, is turning his attentions to the April 29 royal wedding with not one, but two new books in the Little Miss series. 

Book one, 'Little Miss Princess' is available in UK shops today. The second book - on sale April 4 - 'Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Wedding' playfully comes with a colouring book and a series of festive stickers. Note that the bride-to-be is shown with blonde hair instead of Kate's mahogany hue... the author says it's to distance his story from the real deal. He takes his point further by making Little Miss Princess' intended groom, not William but Mr. Bump! 

Apparently, these books were planned before the royal engagement was ever announced. I guess we can blame the publisher for hopping on the 2011 royal wedding bandwagon! Still, they're pretty cute!

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