Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RATE IT! Smithy to the Rescue

Don't you hate when you feel like you're missing out? Seems like the Brits have all the fun especially when it's that Comic Relief time of the year. 

Every two years, Comic Relief holds its 'Red Nose Day' bringing together stars from television, movies, sports, politics and music to raise money to help erase poverty in the UK and Africa. The aim is to provide buzz-worthy entertainment that will encourage people to donate to the cause. Red Nose Day was such a success (there have been 11 of them so far since the '80s), Comic Relief created a second massive endeavour, Sports Relief. This initiative kicks off in the years between each Red Nose Day. In other words, one year it's Red Nose Day, the next it's Sports Relief. Here in 2011, it was Red Nose Day's time to shine. 

This year was epic! Numerous videos were broadcast on BBC that once again raised the bar in the hilarity stakes. My favourite was the latest Smithy video... Smithy being the much loved character actor/writer James Corden created for the hit TV series, 'Gavin & Stacey.' Smithy has appeared in several Comic Relief vids, and his latest adventure does not disappoint! My British friends were first introduced to this video late last week when it made its debut on the BBC and then went completely viral. Us North Americans will also enjoy it -- even if you don't recognize all the celebs that appear, you'll still be stunned by who you DO recognize. If only us North Americans could throw such a worthwhile party. 

Enjoy, and donate if you can. Please visit Comic Relief's official webpage here


NiamhG said...

Saw this on tv. Brilliant. Love Smithy and . . love Smithy.

Jackie said...

I can't get enough of him.

NiamhG said...

He's my hero.

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