Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RATE IT! Words to Live By

Sick of slogans emblazoned on merchandise yet? 

I'm not! Perhaps my 'rate it' for all things wordy comes down to the fact that I don't actual *own* much of this type of thing. I love the fun vibe they evoke. I just haven't purchased them for my own use.

Here's a mug with a message we all wish we could live by... shame it's a hard one to adopt when bills have to be paid...

Available from Colloco

And while we're on the topic of words to live by... the same message is given the musical treatment in this ol' gem from my fave, The Divine Comedy. "Love What You Do", indeed. Enjoy!


NiamhG said...

Love it.

Jackie said...

Hi Niamh!

Me too.

And I never, ever get tired of Neil Hannon and the Divine Comedy.

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