Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HATE IT! Peep Sushi

We haven't had much 'hate it' action on the blog as of late but when my friend Gabby sent me this tip, I just couldn't help but slip down into full-on negativity.

My 'hate it' radar was screaming, desperate to be heard! Ready for a festive serving of Peep sushi?

Now, I love Peeps, the American marshmallow Easter chicks and bunnies. Yep, the sickly sweet confectionary found in varying degrees of neon hilarity - they're a Spring time dietary staple. Sure, they're teeth-decaying monsters, but to devour a few in the run up to Easter, there's no harm done, right? Just have your trusty toothbrush nearby and you'll be fine. BUT... marrying the peepy goodness with healthy raw fish? What? You want me to toss my cookies here and now?

Sorry folks. No can do. Sushi at the best of times is a big, fat NO in my books.  Now, if you want to travel down this icky road - be my guest. You can learn how to make your own Peep sushi here

Good luck. Just don't come calling when your stomach rebels. 


Connie said...

Ewww...that made me feel a little ill just looking at that picture. :\

Jackie said...

I know! Disgusting! Perhaps I should post a disclaimer. ;)

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