Thursday, March 10, 2011

RATE IT! The Making of Stefon

The coolest character on SNL is .... STEFON! He's got everything... humour, freakishness, a weird asymmetrical hairdo... and now his creator, Bill Hader has explained -- via David Letterman -- how this wickedly funny portrayal on SNL's Weekend Update came about.

Awesomeness. Bill Hader is one of the best performers on the show. About time he got some kudos for all this fantastic work. 


annie said...

Bill Hader is a comedic genius! Everything he does is so great and hilarious. LOVE Stefon. Also LOOOOVED him in the 'Don't Go Runnin' Roun' movie preview with Russell Brand

Jackie said...

Totally agree, Annie. He's so funny!

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