Monday, March 14, 2011

RATE IT! Blacklilypie

A Schipperke? Featured in artwork? THAT never happens... or so I thought! 

One day while searching the web for info about Schipperkes, a friend sent me the link to Tara Fortin's blog - and specifically this painting. Since that moment of serendipity, I've been hooked on Tara's Blacklilypie website and by proxy, her Etsy shop.

Tara is an amazing talent with a playful regard for the darker, gothy side of life. More fun and cute than evil or threatening, the creations from Blacklilypie are unique and addictive. From prints and pins to plush toys and arty bookmarks, there's a little bit of magic to suit everyone.

If you'd like to take home a piece of Tara's portfolio, check out her Etsy shop here

As a Schipperke owner, it makes me (and Zoey!) proud to see a little black devil in art! Cheers, Tara!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

hmmm...never knew Gothic can be so cute!

Jackie said...

They're cool pieces, aren't they? Thanks for stopping by & commenting. :)

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