Thursday, May 15, 2008

HATE IT! Grey's Anatomy

"Grey's Anatomy" has completely jumped the shark...and then some! Rewind your mind back to last season when Meredith fell into the Seattle harbour and tripped through a silly near-death experience. What was supposed to be a heart-wrenchingly moving vignette came off as wacko and off the charts ridiculous -- and it was the first leap over shark-infested waters. From that absurd episode onwards, the show has been more contrived and laughable. Izzy and George? Pul-lease!!!! Never would have happened in *real* life...NEVER! If it wasn't enough to take the leap once, this program just keeps jumping!

This season, the lame plot lines are back...Meredith is as cloyingly annoying as ever, and I really want to throttle George and the new interns. If they utter, 'Coded' in their giggling, stoner voices one more time, I swear my PVR remote is going to pay! Obviously, I am not alone. Ratings for many returning dramas are down this Spring. The only reason I keep tuning in...Patrick Dempsey seems a little hotter than usual. I don't know what it is, but his attractiveness has risen all the while the show's appeal has dwindled. I think the Producers have given McDreamy a make-over on purpose to keep us gals coming back when there's really nothing else to come back for.  

Final verdict: Pulse is weakening, blood pressure is low -- I think this dying patient is too far gone for resuscitation. 

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