Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RATE IT! United WIN Champions League!


Anonymous said...


Something isn't right with me, and I am blaming you and all the other United Kickettes!! I really really wanted them to win last night. As a Liverpool fan this is an unforgivable offence!! I may be hung!!!!!!

When Cris missed that pen (damn man!! The one time I wanted him to bloody score) I really thought it was over. Chelsea had already had so many chances in the game, I was all in a tizz!! I'm not sure how I would have coped if Liverpool had been in the final, I was bad enough watching two teams I don't even like!!!

Plonker of the night award deffo goes to Dirty Drog!! That silly bitch slap was ridiculous!! He is such an idiot!

Hottie of the night award - well theres only one man worthy and that is the lovely Nemanja Vidic, yummmm.

Your man seemed a bit stressed during the game, like he had other things on he's mind. Or was it just me that thought that?

Anyway, hope you celebrated well. You are now the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!! And I look forward to Liverpool taking the trophy off you next season ;o)

MrsXabi - x

Anonymous said...

That was too painful, too stressful - but the right result in the end!

Scholesy's blood sweat and tears, Giggsy very nearly finishing it in extra time, Hargreaves a tiger all over the place - Ronny screwing his kick, then Van der Sar proving he's the TRUE successor to the great Dane. Glorious stuff, Fergies's face at the end just said it all!
Love my wife and LOVE MY TEAM!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic set of pics, and what an incredible match. At times it was balanced on a knife-edge and could so easily have gone either way. We could so easily have been 3-0 up if those other two great chances had gone in, but then Chelsea could have scored two of their own as well, but instead hit the woodwork. There were so many 'what-ifs': what if Drogba hadn't been sent off; what if Cristiano hadn't missed; what if John Terry hadn't slipped and missed his penalty by mere inches; what if Edwin had guessed wrong and gone the other way on Anelka's penalty, etc. etc. I truly believe that Fate or some higher power was looking out for us, and in the 50th anniversary of the Munich Disaster, I am very grateful for that. There was no finer way to honour the memory of the Babes than to bring home the trophy that would surely would have been theirs in 1958 and many seasons thereafter.

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