Friday, May 30, 2008

RATE IT! Owen Hargreaves "Team-mates"

Be kind. I'm experiencing severe English Premiership withdrawal...and a harrowing spell of separation anxiety from mid-fielder, Owen Hargreaves. I need some gratuitous Hargreaves viz to cheer me up. I *LOVE* him! He's pretty and clever and makes me yearn for the new footie season really badly! Enjoy this segment from UK telly last season. Question is: when do we get the dance off between Rio and Cris?


Anonymous said...

Aw bless Owen, he's sounding more and more English these days. When he was first called up to the England team, I remember thinking his accent was a bit of all sorts!

Anonymous said...

Love the Hargreaves (doesn't everyone) - but I think he has a bit of the old "Brandi Eyes" - his eyes are just a little too far apart?!

Still, if it helps him play on the wing better, all the better for Man U :)

Love my wife, love my team!

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