Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HATE IT! The Hills

I know that I'm going to alienate many people with this opinion but what the heck. I hate "The Hills". I despise it with a passion that knows no bounds. My raging hate-on is the ying to the yang of my love for "Gossip Girl." Yes, my repulsion is *that* strong! This uber-popular 'scripted' reality program *starring* Lauren Conrad, LC, or whatever the hell she's called does my head in. It seems that this LC twit is everywhere -- on sycophantic talk shows, in every gossip-heavy magazine touting her 'celebrity' fashion line. I just can't escape from her.

Just how did this dim-witted chick become a celebrity? For the life of me, I cannot sit through an entire episode of the yawn-fest that makes up 'The Hills' to even attempt to find out. The girls on this program cannot string ten words together to make a complete sentence. Watching their exploits is like following around 4 Paris Hiltons. So vacuous, fluffy and I.Q. eroding! Want to get drunk quickly? Play a drinking game based on how many times they utter 'um,' or 'like.' From what I can gather, this series is about rich, brainless clothes-horses and their equally inane & vain boyfriends. I can see the attraction of the rich part but seriously...what else is there to appreciate, or aspire to?

Final verdict: If you are looking for a cure to your insomnia, tune into MTV Canada and partake in this snore-inducing program. It works for me.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more, LTG. I frickin' hate that show. Honestly, the commercials for it make me full of rage, and the one time I actually tried to watch 5 minutes of it, I got so frustrated and disgusted that I threw a pillow at my tv. Then, I changed the channel. I think these girls are laughably pathetic and are without any talent.

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you about them all being dim and talentless, but that's kinda why I love it. Maybe they don't bug me because they don't have much coverage over here, other than the show itself. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for trash t.v. It's a good reminder that my life of a poorper isn't so bad either, although the guys I know aren't half as cute.

MrsXabi - x

Lacey said...

Seriously, is there a point to that pathetic show? besides showing how much drama little rich bitches make for themselves?
get a real life..job if that!!

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