Saturday, May 3, 2008

RATE IT! Duffy

She may be the current darling of the UK music press but that doesn't mean that Duffy doesn't deserve the accolades. The Welsh singer has been packaged as a songstress descended from the same family tree as the iconic Dusty Springfield - with a soulful, 1960s vibe, and the blonde retro look to complete the presentation. As someone who loves the whole '60s Brit Girl thang, it's easy to be skeptical of newbees who appear on the scene trying to revisit a past era. But with Duffy, she has this fresh vibe about her that makes her songs so catchy and fun!

Her debut album, already a #1 hit in the UK is due in North America on May 13. For a taster, check out iTunes and download her first two singles, "Mercy" and "Rockferry." 

Final verdict: I'm buying what she's selling!

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