Monday, May 5, 2008

RATE IT! Ed Westwick -- aka, Chuck Bass

LOVE this guy! Not in a fancy-the-pants-off-him's more along the lines of having a very fond appreciation for how iniquitous this bad boy can be. Ed Westwick portrays Chuck Bass on 'Gossip Girl' playing the resident villain. All haughty rich kid wickedness. You know the guy's getting under your skin when you just want to smack him silly episode after episode. Truth be told, Ed's from England where they grow evil rogues like no one else. Makes sense. 

Final verdict: Chuck walks a fine line between love and hate.

Enjoy reading about Ed and the Gossip Girl crew? Check out the 'Gossip Girl' label for more articles.


Anonymous said...

He has a strange voice, it's too low and gruff. Doesn't sound right. But I do love Gossip Girl :o) I'm sure your way ahead in America, but I think it's great!!
Oh and I think Dan is a real cutie and Nate is almost too good looking for me, only almost though ;o)

MrsXabi - x

Anonymous said...

Oo Gossip Girl! I think of all the boys I prefer Nate. Actually, no, Dan. Well, I liked Dan at first but he quickly got annoying! On the other hand Nate is so pretty that he looks quite gay... I'm undecided! Not a big fan of Chuck, I think it's the fake accent. Even though it's convincing, knowing it's not real puts me off!

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