Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RATE IT! Dylan's Candy Bar

If you're planning a trip to NYC, do yourself a favour and make a pit-stop at Dylan's Candy Bar. A few years back, we found this confectionary haven on our way to Serendipity. The brainwave of Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan, this 2-storey HQ for sugary treats is located on the corner of East 60th Street & 3rd Avenue. It's chock a block full of all types of candy, chocolate, and will soon boast a full-on ice cream & dessert bar. The lower level houses t-shirts and pillows featuring your fave candy brands. My favourite: the classic Double Bubble pillow. If you're like me and love to not only shop, but eat your way through a vacation, Dylan's Candy Bar should be at the toppermost of your itinerary.

Final verdict: YUM! That was good!!


Anonymous said...

Ooo I plan on going to New York one day (hopefully in the near future) and will definitely be putting this place on my 'Must See' list! Thanks for the heads up LTG! :-)

Anonymous said...

Promise to take you back there one day not too far off! We can boy some more cushions and have them shipped back :)

Rusty said...

Where IS Serendipity, anyway? I've always wanted to go there, and have never managed to even attempt to go. I'm possibly going to have some free time in New York this weekend so maybe I'll go locate it.

(I've found Dylan's Candy Bar, though. Yum!)

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