Saturday, May 3, 2008

HATE IT! Spoilers!

Remember that bratty kid who told you there was no Santa Claus when you were little? Remember how shattered you were to have your illusions trashed and your expectations unfulfilled? There's nothing worse than a kill-joy -- a party-pooper that rains on your parade and has the nerve to actually enjoy it. The same can be said for magazines, websites even friends who give away closely guarded secrets regarding the tv show or movie that you are dying to see. 

Case in point...this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine. Don't get me wrong...this publication is awesome for organizing the upcoming week's worth of new releases, stellar tv programs and juicy entertainment industry goss. It also likes to give a leak or two about upcoming story their article on "Gossip Girl." Yay, an article on my favourite program, I thought when I did my daily whirl around my local zine shop. But my joy was quickly squashed once I settled on my couch and flicked through its pages. The whole article is basically one HUGE spoiler for the next episode! How dare they?? Luckily, I caught myself just in time after only a few preliminary words. Georgina Sparks did what with S? I couldn't bear to go any further...just in case...

I don't know what's worse...actually reading the full article and having my wait for next Monday's episode trashed, or knowing that the secret to my anticipation is just there lurking on my coffee table, taunting me every time I reach underneath it for the insipid US magazine. I hate being teased almost as much as I hate being suckered by a spoiler!

Final verdict: Don't read, don't tell! <<Fingers stuck in ears>>  I can't hear you!

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