Monday, May 19, 2008

RATE IT! The Office Turning Japanese

This past weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' was quite the let-down. The season finale, with guest host Steve Carell, was bland and snore-worthy. It looks like the writers spent far too much time eating donuts on picket lines this year than drafting sketches that contained any semblance of humour. SNL can be so hilarious and leave your sides just aching from laughing so hard - but overall, this shortened-strike plagued season just didn't deliver the goods. I felt bad for Steve because he clearly tried to make the sketches work.

Luckily before shutting off the PVR, all was not lost. Saved by a short!...the SNL digital short (and correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the digi shorts *always* the stellar part of the episode?) of 'The Office' gone Japanese. 'Office' creator, Ricky Gervais provided the opening monologue for the spoof stating that *his* original Brit version of the award-winning comedy was based upon this Japanese version. Steve was front and centre in this funny parody playing the boss but with a Japanese twist. And I loved Bill Hader as Dwight, and Kristen Wiig's giggling Pam! 

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Anonymous said...

You called it! The digi shorts are lately often the only redeemable part of SNL.... But they somehow make the rest palatable; I relate it to begrudgingly digesting mom's cooking in order to be rewarded with desert. This one was great - sent me to bed grinning! Question: Was that really Japanese they were speaking?

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