Saturday, May 3, 2008

RATE IT! MacBook Pro

I've never been one of those geeky computer nerds who can't get enough of their PC and spends hours glued to the keyboard. Obviously, the advent of the computer in my work life meant that it was much easier to perform certain tasks. Email, although it can be intrusive, allowed me to catch up with friends and family when time constraints made phone calls or visits impossible. When 5pm rolled around, it was easy to power down the desk top and forget all about emails and spreadsheets. I felt no pangs of loss or separation when I typed my final keystroke.

Suddenly, everything changed.

Enter one shiny silver MacBook Pro. I've always wondered why there were Mac obsessives. A few friends upon hearing that I was contemplating a lap top, suggested that I go Mac. Actually, 'suggested' is not the correct term. These people bubbled over in excitement at the thought that I might...just might purchase a Mac. 'Do it for your iTunes', one said, 'and don't forget to play with the photo booth.' Another couldn't praise the iPhoto application enough. All this praise was best summed up by my friend who said, 'It will change your life.' I scoffed.

So, I finally took a giant leap and decided to try this Mac lark. Yes, like millions of others, I own an iPod and apart from that gizmo that truly did change my life, I've had no interaction with the Apple company. A week into owning my MacBook Pro, I was a changed woman. I was addicted to the dashboard and it's animated pop onto my screen. iPhoto, iMovie, Photo Booth -- I cannot imagine my life without them now! All these high-tech toys bring me such joy that it makes work on the computer more like play. I can't get enough of this computer. I have found a new, calorie-free addiction and I am eating it up *and* scoffing second helpings. I finally get it! A Mac is life-altering. A PC is just a nerdy tech tool. I love my Mac and it loves me. Ah, I love a happy ending!

Final verdict: An Apple a day is a prescription for a very happy and healthy computer life! 

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