Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HATE IT! The Simpsons

First of all, I must clarify...not The Simpsons, the always entertaining cartoon family from Springfield, USA. No, my vitriolic regard is aimed directly at the singing (and I'm only using that term loosely!) Simpsons -- Jessica and Ashlee

Honestly, they CAN'T sing! Seriously! Anyone who steps up to claim otherwise -- is deaf! They CAN'T act. Jessica's made flop after flop of a movie. Sorry, casting directors, but her boobs aren't enough of a draw to rake in big bucks and keep punters in cinema seats. Her Dad, creepy Joe Simpson, may be enamored by those puppies but the least said about his weird fetishes regarding his blonde bimbo daughter, the better! And before we're all done let's spare some vinegar for Ashlee...all gothed up, wed to a Fall Out Boy, Ashlee. She's about as goth as I am a supermodel. C'MON! She's been shopping in the same crappy head shop as Avril Lavigne. You're a wannabee, nothing more! Angst?! To Ashlee, it's having to sing live on Saturday Night Live. She doesn't know how to spell angst let alone understand what it means. Blech. I'm so tired of these two idiots clogging up the pages of my US magazine. Enough!

Final verdict: And you may ask....what's wrong with America? Well, start with Ashlee and Jess, toss in "The Hills" and you've got yourselves a good start...

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I was all ready to go on about how much I love the yellow people then....but I guess I can talk about orange people instead.

Jessica Simpson - I actually have no comment. She bugs me too much to think about. And the boobs that have made her so famous aren't even that flammin' great. I have a better pair, so why am I not being treated like an A lister??? Not fair!

Ashlee - Doesn't bug me quite as much. Her new song however...Argghh...get me a gun!! She's just released 'Get outta my head' over here, and I'm not sure what annoys me more. The song itself or the fact as soon as I've heard it, it's stuck in my head all day and I end up singing it all the time. In fact just talking about it has got me singing it. WHY????? Drives me mad!!

Their dad is creepy. Something not quite right there. *Shudders*

The Hills however is awesome!! Love that show. Perfect no thinking, hungover, trash t.v.

I am a right old grouch today so thanks for giving me a chance to rant a bit :o)

MrsXabi - x

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