Monday, May 12, 2008

RATE IT! Nights on Broadway

You can take this post various I writing about spending evenings on one of NYC's most famed boulevards? Am I crushing on that 1970s gem of a sing-along by the Bee Gees? Or both?!

The answer behind door #3 would be correct -- after all, aren't the two previous choices intricately connected? To me they are. I LOVE New York City! It's one of my most favourite destinations on the planet. It's an epicentre for everything: the arts, culture, politics. And the city's brazen starlet would be... Broadway. The section at the cross-roads of Times Square is a schizophrenic carnival of neon advertising, a cornucopia of wacky sights, endless noise and odd characters rushing by on the streets below. My fave commercial venture would be the M&M World store - yes, there is such a thing in the Big Apple. Who knew that these colourful candies could inspire three floors of M&M paraphernalia - you name it, some marketing hack has thought of it. The BEST part though is the massive video board attached to the Broadway-facing flank of the building. It broadcasts these wonderfully colourful vignettes of the various M&M characters doing zany NYC things. They also peer down at the people down at street level, blinking downwards completely omniscient. Big Brother just got coated in chocolate!

As for the brothers Gibb...I have to say it was the 'Saturday Night Live' Bee Gees parody performed flawlessly by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake that made me seek out my reintroduction to this little piece of musical heaven, "Nights on Broadway." Laugh if you must -- this song is AWESOME! The lyrics are all stalker-ish angst transpiring in the glorious freak-heaven that is New York City -- on Broadway!!! The best part has to be at 2:36 when they get all slow and serious...and kinda creepy! 'Somehow I feel inside, you never ever left my side...{skipping a few lyrics...}...even if it takes a lifetime, takes a lifetime....' It's fabulous! And really fun to sing...I dare you!

Final verdict: There's nothing better than hitting this tune's high notes while mixing with the other freaks and geeks strolling along Broadway.

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Anonymous said...

"Singin' them LOVE SONGS - Singing them - Straight-to-the-HEART-songs!"
Top song, makes me laff everytime!

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